Saturday, September 13, 2008

LONDON: Ivanov (Donmar at the Wyndham) - 9/13/08

Translated from Chekhov by Tom Stoppard, this production is one of those perfect evenings at the theater (notice my five star rating). The big draw here is Kenneth Branagh in the title role, and he does not disappoint: his is a classical performance of great clarity, nuance, and power. He plays Ivanov, a man who has fallen out of love with his dying wife and is struggling at the very logic of his existence. Michael Grandage has directed a perfectly calibrated production, which his oft-time collaborator Christopher Oram has luxuriously designed. Oh yeah, the rest of the cast is pitch perfect as well. One of the very highs of my theater going this year so far.

Rating: ***** (out of *****)

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