Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dirty Dancing (Broadway in Chicago) – 10/8/08

Okay, let me go out and say it: the, ahem, musical adaptation of the popular movie "Dirty Dancing" is probably the worst piece of musical theater aimed at or currently on Broadway. Granted, the show is currently in its pre-Broadway tryout phase, but the show has had ample opportunity to put itself together: the show is a long-running hit in the West End, and another separate company is playing in Toronto. My main gripe with this show is its slavish effort to emulate the cinematic experience onstage. As such, the stage performances cannot breath and become second-rate caricatures on the expensive Cadillac Palace Theater stage. I also have an issue with semi-prerecorded "score", especially given the gobs of money that has apparently been thrown at this venture. Oy.

Rating: ½ (out of *****)

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